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"If ever there were a physical therapy Hall of Fame, Lindsay's picture would be prominently displayed.  She is an utmost professional in her treatment of patients, with a real understanding of how the body works and what people can do to improve their situations.  She manages to inspire while making you do whatever needs to be done, and is always honest with her assessments and recommendations.  Her exercises hit the mark, she totally empathizes and understands where you are coming from, and has enough patience for two!"


"We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to have Lindsay as our family physical therapist this past year.  It was incredibly convenient to have her come to our home for each visit!  Each of my three daughters (as well as myself) saw her for one reason or another, and during Covid times, they could pop out for a session with her between Zoom classes. Without the weeks of waiting for a doctor's referral and an appointment with a clinic. The time savings and sheer efficiency of this really made it so worthwhile!  


In this way we were able to address a host of physical issues.  Everything from jaw pain to running pain, shoulder impingement, postural improvement, we had it all.   And Lindsay, with her encyclopedic knowledge of the human body, quickly helped us to improve function and mobility.  


Lindsay is knowledgeable, compassionate and a great communicator.  Her explanations go far in motivating you to do the exercises that will help you!


She’s definitely one of the best physical therapists our family has seen!"


"My husband and I have both had the opportunity to have been treated by Lindsay over the past several years.  She combines intuitive skillful manual therapy, extensive knowledge of the human body and a compassionate personality to provide us with a high level of care. She goes above and beyond to customize the sessions to our own needs and shows versatility with her ability to treat both in our home as well as in our private pool.  We have even entrusted her to work with visiting family members on various injuries and conditions and are so grateful to have her available to us."

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