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Concierge Wellness


With nearly 20 years of experience as a licensed Physical Therapist Lindsay Opdyke offers a positive, effective, and personable treatment style to each of her clients using the latest evidence-based practices to achieve their greatest wellness potential. 


She initially became interested in Physical Therapy after undergoing her own knee surgery following a high school volleyball injury and becoming inspired to pursue the career after a successful rehab experience. She then attended Villanova University earning a Cum Laude in Biology, and then attained a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA.  


She began her career serving patients in Boston, MA at New England Baptist Hospital treating clients after undergoing joint replacements and complex spinal surgeries. Ultimately, Lindsay transitioned to the outpatient clinic setting for the next 15+ years where she gained invaluable experience treating clients ranging from age 5 to 99 for a wide variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions.  


After witnessing the limitations that the traditional PT treatment model has in terms of time, insurance constraints, high volume patient numbers, use of assistants and ultimately in quality of care, she wanted to offer much more for her clients. 


Lindsay takes physical therapy to a heightened standard of care enabling clients to experience quicker results and feel their best possible self. She is "Your Concierge PT".


  • A VIP rehab and wellness experience brought to you directly within the comfort of your own home, gym, office or pool.


  • One-on-one specialized physical therapy services that are customized to your needs in order to achieve your specific goals. 



  • CONVENIENCE:  Without having to drive to an appointment or sit in a waiting room, the PT clinic can come to you to save time and hassle in your day.


  • CONTINUITY OF CARE: You receive quality treatment from your same primary licensed PT from your first to last session.  Students, aides or PT Assistants are not utilized. 


  • INSURANCE: You gain freedom to receive treatment without a visit limit cap or limitations on what type of treatment we can provide because we are a cash-based practice. A monthly invoice can be provided upon request for insurance reimbursement. 


  • DIRECT ACCESS: There is no need for a MD referral to receive an Initial PT Evaluation.

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